Here at Bayside, we believe in groups. We believe in community. We believe in transformation through relationships. We believe every person on every campus should be connected to a group of people with a leader who cares. Don’t go at life alone. Join a group!

We are looking for people who would like to lead a group at the Davis campus!
As a group leader, your group will be promoted on our website to those searching to join a group. If you’d like to lead the way to create a new community at the Davis campus, below are your next steps:

  1. Fill out the leader application HERE
  2.  Attend Growth Track – Register Here
  3. Be fingerprinted – Take THIS.
    *If you’ve already been Live Scanned somewhere else, your information was sent to that organization. Current government standards do not allow that information to be shared.


Invite, then press play!
Being a Groups Host is as easy as that! Just open your home to a few friends and neighbors (something you might already be doing anyway), have a current electricity account (to power up your TV), and just be your wonderful self (like you always are)!

Get together, share together, grow together.
Become a Groups Host Today and help us launch the group’s ministry at Bayside Davis! — CLICK HERE

*Groups host are not promoted on the website. To promote your group online, sign up to be a LEADER HERE.

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Group Leader Login Instructions
Group Leader Login

Online Resources:
Bayside has access to an online resource site that is called Right Now Media. As a Group Leader, you have access to 10,000+ studies that you can instantly stream to your group! To access this resource please email:

Bayside Resources:
We do have small group studies located at our Granite Bay offices that are available to be checked out by Group Leaders. For a list of resources available Click HERE

Upcoming Events


September 27 - September 28 12:00am - 11:59pm Varies Free

We’ve all had moments of need. But we’ve also had moments where someone showed up for us. This is someone who came through for you, loved you, believed in you.... Read More