Meet the Leadership


Wesley Towne


Wesley Towne recently joined Bayside Davis as the new Campus Pastor. Before coming to Bayside, he planted a church in Eugene, OR that became one of the fastest growing churches in the Northwest. He also launched Better Days, a digital platform where he speaks and writes on mental health + suffering in Christianity. Wesley lives in Davis with his wife Kara and chihuahua Lucy.

You can follow Wesley on Instagram @WesleyTowneiii


Nathan Cesaretti


Nathan Cesaretti joined Bayside Davis in September 2018 as the College and Adult Pastor. He is passionate about unleashing hope and inspiring people to live out their purpose. Nathan loves Jesus, his wife, socks, coffee, and rock climbing. He lives in Davis with his wife, Heidi.

You can follow Nathan on Instagram @theclimbingpreacher


Heidi Cesaretti


Heidi Cesaretti joined Bayside Davis as the Worship Pastor in August of 2018. She is also the Director of Women’s Ministry. Before coming to Davis, Heidi attended and graduated from Bayside Thrive School. Heidi loves music, people, and Jesus. She lives in Davis with her husband Nathan and enjoys going on outdoor adventures.