Ray Johnston

Senior Lead Pastor

Ray Johnston is the Senior Pastor of Bayside Church in Granite Bay, Ca. A 20-year veteran of both youth and adult ministry, he’s the founding pastor of Bayside Church, which has grown to over 20,000 in twenty years. A veteran pastor and visionary leader, Ray believes that the church is called to outreach, spiritual growth and equipping our leaders. In addition to his tireless efforts at Bayside, Ray serves as president of Developing Effective Leaders and has authored four books, all of which contain his trademark wit and dynamic style. Ray also speaks frequently at conferences, leadership training events, family camps and national youth events.

Wesley Towne

Senior Campus Pastor

Wesley lives in Davis, CA with his wife Kara and chihuahua Lucy. He speaks and writes on mental health and suffering, and the hope we have for better days. Wesley seeks to be an encouragment to people, to bring hope to people who are suffering, deconstruct false ideas that exist in Christianity, construct a biblical view that is faithful to Scripture and Jesus’ character, and inform and bring awareness inside and outside of Christianity. Most importantly, Wesley follows Jesus, loves people, and feels like God put him on earth to encourage people and share hope.